Mia & Missy

Pawrtners in crime

We are a pair of soulmates: Mia the dog, and Missy the woman. We spend every day together. Some are boring, some are exciting, most are happy. But that happiness doesn’t come easy.

I have come from a difficult background: when the Rex Animal Rescue found me, I was locked in a shed with 5 other big dogs – as the smallest, I had to avoid them, hide. Still I was beaten, and often went hungry. I didn’t have a lot of human contact so didn’t know how to manage them.

Missy’s story is less dramatic but safe to say she needed me to save her just as much as I needed her to save me.

We work on finding joy in everything we do: the morning hug, the smell of the wind, the view from the hills, all the small ways both our confidence grows. It’s a daily adventure, and to take stock, we are happy to share the journey here.